About Us

FREIGHT MANAGEMENT GROUP, INC (FMG) is a Family Run Business formed in 2002 by Charles E Cassidy Jr. FMG is a parent company and has subsidiaries with areas of specialty,

Since formation, Mr. Cassidy has made a number of strategic moves to help grow the company with the intention of closing the Supply Chain loop and becoming a complete Logistics and Warehouse Management Provider.

Our History

  • Freight Specialists Inc (FSI) was started by Mr. Cassidy in 1994 to offer a much needed Unloading/Lumping Service. Business quickly took off and in 1996, FSI  started with it’s longest standing Unloading Client to date. We have had this client for over 25 years and this is a testament to the great supervision and staffing we have at this location.
  • FMG started a Brokerage Division in April of 2013. This was spearheaded by Charles Cassidy III. He had a very successful career in the Transportation business for another Shipping Broker. Like LeBron James, he decided to take his talents elsewhere and joined his father in the family business. Charles III started a new Brokerage division by himself and has successfully built this piece of the family business into the largest division of FMG. He also expanded this division to the Southeastern corridor by opening a Myrtle Beach Brokerage Office in March 2018.
  • After Several Inquiries about Storage space and Crossdocking opportunities, Mr. Cassidy knew it was time to purchase a Warehouse as part of the Supply Chain Loop. After several months of seeking the right location, the decision was made to purchase a Warehouse in the suburban Syracuse, NY area. Mr. Cassidy felt that the location was easily accessible to the main interstates running throughout Central New York, so FMG became the proud owner of this Warehouse in September 2016. With a highly successful Military Background and knowledge of the Logistics field as well, Patrick Cassidy was brought on board as the Warehouse Manager. As of July 2018, he also oversees our newest acquisition, our Asset Based Transportation Division.
  • The latest chains on our Supply Chain Loop to date, are the Software and Consulting Divisions we created over the last year.
  1. We launched a new software in November of 2017 that gives our clients real time visibility, during the Unloading Process.
  2. The Consulting Division allows our Business Partners, the opportunity to collaborate with FMG Supply Chain Experts. Our analysis of the current Warehouse and Logistics Operation, determines the recommendations that impact our clients efficiency and profitability.

The FMG Way

The Cornerstone of how FMG started and continues to flourish is based on the 5 principles set by our President, Charles E Cassidy Jr.

These principles are known as “THE FMG WAY”.

Employee Conduct

Mutual respect is supported through our Corporate Policies and Procedures.

Creativity and Teamwork

We encourage creativity and teamwork by fostering an environment of ownership for all employees.

Clients and Vendors Take Precedence

We believe that any contact with clients and vendors take precedence!


From day 1 of hiring we encourage ownership and accountability. This promotes positive energy and camaraderie.


We are committed to reinvesting in our employees through safety training and custom software.

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