Truckload Brokerage

FMG builds transportation brokerage relationships for you.

FMG is a trusted truckload brokerage company with more than 10,000 vetted carriers nationwide. Our carriers must meet the requirements for our 3-point vetting process before contracting with us. As a third-party logistics company, we aim to build a relationship between you and the carrier, while brokering a suitable transaction for all parties involved.

Why Work with FMG?

Experienced Brokers

Our brokers are industry-trained in-house by FMG. experienced, industry-trained brokers

  1. Our brokers aim to return quotes faster than the industry standard turnaround time
  2. We offer a high level of communication throughout the shipment process
  3. FMG is proud to maintain a 95.2% client retention rate

Competitive Shipping Rates

With the use of FMG’s technology and infrastructure, our team of brokers will place your bid in our network of 10,00+ qualified and vetted carriers and find the best one for the job at the most competitive rate. This is executed while meeting the client’s delivery schedule expectations.

3-Source Carrier Vetting

FMG takes transportation seriously. We know your shipment is crucial to your company, and you’re trusting us with that responsibility. That’s why all of our carriers go through a 3-source vetting process. Most other third-party logistics companies only rely on one or maybe two sources or referrals – that’s just not good enough for us. We require the following:

  1. Referrals from 3 sources
  2. Safety ratings
  3. Proper authority and insurances
  4. History of experience
  5. Must have an AM Best Rating of A-VII or better
  6. Broker-Carrier agreement

Together Everyone Achieves More





The FMG Way

The Cornerstone of how FMG started and continues to flourish is based on the 5 principles set by our President, Charles E Cassidy Jr.

These principles are known as “THE FMG WAY”.

Employee Conduct

Mutual respect is supported through our Corporate Policies and Procedures.

Creativity and Teamwork

We encourage creativity and teamwork by fostering an environment of ownership for all employees.

Clients and Vendors Take Precedence

We believe that any contact with clients and vendors take precedence!


From day 1 of hiring we encourage ownership and accountability. This promotes positive energy and camaraderie.


We are committed to reinvesting in our employees through safety training and custom software.

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