Expedited Shipping

Expedited shipping is when a product or good needs to be shipped at a faster speed than what is deemed a standard transit time. FMG is happy to help you get your shipment to its destination on time.

How do you know working with FMG is the best option?

  • We partner with specialty carriers who only do expedited shipping. Just like all of our carriers, they are fully vetted.
  • We ship anything from a pallet to a full truckload.
  • Our brokers have years of experience and will help you choose the best way to get your shipment delivered on time, whether it’s via truck, plane, or rail. They have experience dealing with even the most stressful – or delicate – situations.

If you’re feeling frazzled trying to get products or goods to a site on time, give us a call at 315-487-5816. We’ll be happy to take the stress of expedited shipping off of your plate.

*In rare instances, inclement weather or other events slow deter shipments.

The FMG Way

The Cornerstone of how FMG started and continues to flourish is based on the 5 principles set by our President, Charles E Cassidy Jr.

These principles are known as “THE FMG WAY”.

Employee Conduct

Mutual respect is supported through our Corporate Policies and Procedures.

Creativity and Teamwork

We encourage creativity and teamwork by fostering an environment of ownership for all employees.

Clients and Vendors Take Precedence

We believe that any contact with clients and vendors take precedence!


From day 1 of hiring we encourage ownership and accountability. This promotes positive energy and camaraderie.


We are committed to reinvesting in our employees through safety training and custom software.

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