Inbound Freight Unloading Services

FMG Can Get the Job Done

FMG offers complete inbound freight unloading services to ensure your deliveries are safely, properly, and efficiently unloaded in your warehouse. With over twenty years of experience in our industry and a team of fully trained lumpers, we can get the job done smoothly.

    Freight Unloading Logistics Services We Provide

    Our strong partnerships with warehouse distribution centers allow us to customize our freight unloading services for each customer. We are equipped to provide a range of freight unloading logistics services to meet every customer need including:

    • Palletized Freight Unloading
    • Dock Scheduling
    • Freight Hauling
    • Product Put-Away
    • Stocking/Replenishment
    • Shipment Load Verification, Tracking, and Documentation
    • Shipment Analysis

    We are dedicated to providing excellent inbound freight unloading services that meet our customers’ standards.

    Specialized In-House Software

    To better track and manage our unloading services and progress, we utilize specialized in-house software that also gives full transparency to our customers to view our progress. Our freight unloading software also allows us to upload photos for verification and damage reports so our customers stay fully informed at every step of the unloading process.

    Benefits of Freight Unloading Services

    There are several benefits to using professional freight unloading services.

    1. Saves Time

    Perhaps the most obvious, and one of the most impactful, benefits is that utilizing a professional freight unloading service saves time. The team at FMG are experts in our industry and our lumpers have specialized training in freight handling and unloading processes to ensure the job is completed safely, efficiently, and correctly.

    Allowing a professional company to complete your freight unloading work gives you the ability to reallocate your valuable resources and manpower to other important areas of your business, knowing you can have piece of mind in the unloading process by utilizing FMG’s tracking software for timely updates.

    2. Specialized Equipment to Optimize Unloading Work

    One of the essential ways FMG is able to complete freight unloading work in an ideal time window is because we have specialized equipment and planned, optimized warehouse routes for product put-away. Our organized labor teams utilize everything from dollys to forklifts to maximize each step of the unloading process not only to unload the delivery truck quicker, but also to organize it correctly in the customer warehouse.

    3. Warehouse Space Optimization to Increase Organization

    We understand that every customer has specific requirements and processes for their warehouse. At FMG, we develop a customized unloading, product put-away, and stocking plan to optimize space organization so our customers can get the most out of their warehouse facility. Our lumper and labor teams follow the most direct routes through the warehouse to reduce delays, using your space as effectively as possible.

    4. Reduced Risk of Damaged and Lost Goods

    One of the most common problems that occurs during the unloading process for customers who unload their shipments themselves is damaged or lost goods. Partnering with a professional and experienced unloading service resource, like FMG, greatly reduces that problem.

    Our state-of-the-art software allows us to track each step of the shipment and unloading process, minimizing mistakes and improving any problem areas. Our software uniquely identifies and tracks each box of the shipment. And if any issues occur during the process, we upload photos for verification and damage reports that our customers have full access to.

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