FMG partners with warehouse distribution centers, performing Unloading and additional warehouse services as needed.

 FMG’s Management Team makes multiple site visits, gathering all necessary data to provide a thorough Analysis of the current Operation, while Customizing a Program to fit the client needs, helping to Impact their Efficiency and Profitability

The Foundation of Increased Efficiency and Profitability

  1. We hire experienced and successful Site Supervisors and Shift Supervisors which is essential to creating and maintaining a safe workplace as well as the overall productivity of the unloading process.
  2. We hire Lumpers who are motivated and want to control their income with our incentive pay scale which critical to the overall success of the operation. We operate the Equipment on-site in a safe and quick manner, which helps with the overall efficiency that ultimately makes all parties more profitable.
  3. We have proprietary Software that allows our clients Real Time Visibility of their dock, to track the efficiency and product flow FMG proposed.
  4. Our Software also allows Client Customization of Notes and Pictures, helping to support our client with Vendor Disputes over Freight Issues.

The FMG Way

The Cornerstone of how FMG started and continues to flourish is based on the 5 principles set by our President, Charles E Cassidy Jr.

These principles are known as “THE FMG WAY”.

Employee Conduct

Mutual respect is supported through our Corporate Policies and Procedures.

Creativity and Teamwork

We encourage creativity and teamwork by fostering an environment of ownership for all employees.

Clients and Vendors Take Precedence

We believe that any contact with clients and vendors take precedence!


From day 1 of hiring we encourage ownership and accountability. This promotes positive energy and camaraderie.


We are committed to reinvesting in our employees through safety training and custom software.

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